• Quality Surveillance

    Plan & Execute Work, Document Completed Audits, Report Findings


Implemented IA’s quality product for daily surveillance audits of work tasks (coating, welds, NDE), to ensure the work was done to the required standard.  Non-conformances and subsequent corrective actions were captured, reported and managed to close-out.

Top 3 pains:

  • Managing paperwork physically
  • Efficiently completing repetitive tasks
  • Clear communication between trailer and workface



Workface Efficiency® Delivered:

  • Simple to complete quality audit form for each activity type
  • Tools to capture, categorize and report non-conformances, including photos, at the workface
  • Documented audits with electronic signatures
  • Enhanced reporting on issues, audit status and findings



Ensure Each Auditor:

  • Has their audit tasks in hand each day, specific to their role
  • Has the ability to capture ‘ad hoc’ findings at the workface, like non-conformances not linked to a specific audit

How Workface Efficiency® Delivers:

  • Tasks are assigned on a schedule – each day a new task is created and assigned to the auditor, specific to their role
  • The person responsible for the work can override the schedule and assign one-off tasks as required
  • Different auditors will get different tasks, but they all follow the same general format which makes training easy
  • The schedule can be updated or changed as required
  • Each auditor is assigned an ‘ad hoc’ template form, which acts as an endless stack of forms on their tablet
  • The person responsible reviews tasks online daily to ensure work is correctly assigned and proceeding

Ensure Each Auditor:

  • completes their assigned surveillance audit
  • captures any findings at the workface
  • has sufficient instruction in hand at the workface

How Workface Efficiency® Delivers:

  • Each auditor syncs up at the start of their shift to get their tasks for the day on their tablet; once synced they can then work offline
  • The auditor opens their task and quickly works through the audit questions on the tablet
  • If a finding is identified in the field, they mark it off on the device and logic triggers to allow them to record finding details, including photos
  • All auditors also have an ‘ad hoc’ global findings form to record any findings that are not specific to the audit
  • Reference documents are embedded in the form and on the device, easily accessible at the workface
  • At the end of the shift the auditors sync up their device to load their completed work to the server; an archive copy is kept on the device as backup

Ensure Each Audit Completed:

  • Produces and audit report as a PDF that can be submitted to the client
  • Ensure any non-conformances identified produce an NCR output as a PDF that can be submitted to the client

How Workface Efficiency® Delivers:

  • A custom audit report PDF template is created and associated with the forms; every time an audit is submitted to the database a PDF is automatically generated for that audit
  • Similarly a custom PDF is produced for any NCRs
  • The person responsible for the work can easily access these PDF documents through the global reporting interface
  • Documentation of completed work is generated in real time as work is submitted from the field

Ensure All Audits and Non-Conformances:

  • Roll up into a globally accessible log report
  • Can be viewed by role – management sees a different set of data than the field managers
  • Provide links to view the PDF documents, and make edits to any data in a controlled and logged way

How Workface Efficiency® Delivers:

  • Reports are created, with strict permission controls – management see different reports and more data than auditors
  • Reports provide different cuts of data, providing the customer a truly unique view of their data which gives real insight
  • Graphical reports illustrate trends in the data
  • Users can ‘drill down’ on the data to view specific documents
  • Edits can be made using the ‘Authorized Changes’ function – only users with a valid PIN can make changes.
  • The original data is always kept, but replaced on the output with the corrections.  This maintains a full audit trail of the data.

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