Plan Work Effectively

Organize your project plan in one spot.  Break projects into jobs with assigned tasks, manage your people and their qualifications to make sure the right people are doing the right things at the right time, build smart data collection forms with logic and built-in workflows and build out your document and reference library.


Execute Work Securely and Efficiently

With both iOS and Android applications Workface Efficiency’s mobile application puts every form, work package or reference document you need to execute work in your hands at the workface.  Capture and annotate photos of work as it progresses to communicate exactly what is happening in the field.  Electronic signatures at hold points with date and time stamps on every data point ensures auditable records are captured.


Gain deep insights into your daily work execution with Dashboards that keep your finger on the pulse of how work is progressing in the field.  Dashboards give you the immediate visual feedback of issues that need to be addressed so that you can take action and mitigate risk to schedule and cost before an issue escalates into a significant event.

Instant PDF Documentation

Objective evidence of the work executed in the field is critical for records and retention.  Standard PDF outputs are instantly created for every completed task in the field, accessible and downloadable online any time.  Know exactly who input the data, when they input it and optionally where using GPS data.  Custom forms can be mapped to your existing forms and processes to ensure the outputs are compliant with your records management program.

Reports for Project Visibility

Access your reports globally through any standard web browser.  Workface Efficiency provides both out-of-the-box reports based on industry best practices that ‘just work’ with pre-built forms or any report can be built to meet your organization’s needs for data analytics.

Bulletproof Audit Trail

Maintain a full audit trail of all changes to your data – everything from project level details to corrections to field-entered data using controlled changes.  Always know who entered the original data and when, and who entered the corrected data and when.  Use permissions to control who is authorized to correct data.

Flexible API

Augment and enhance your existing enterprise software applications with our flexible API.  Workface Efficiency has been built with extensibility in mind and can be easily integrated with other systems to fully meet your field data collection needs.

Secure Data Collection

Industrial Audit has undertaken an extensive 3rd party audit on our infrastructure and business processes, achieving CICA 5025 Type 1 certification audited against Secure Trust Principles for Security, Data Confidentiality, Availability & Integrity.  The Industrial Audit development team works within the framework of a Secure Development Lifecycle to ensure best practices in code reviews and deployment are employed.  We maintain this commitment while staying true to our agile development methodologies.  We greatly respect the security of data on our systems and make effort to continuously improve our systems to better protect our client in step with latest trends in software and technology.