• Reducing Risk and Cost
    in Construction and Maintenance

    Secure mobile field data collection software delivers
    the right information to the right people at the right time.

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  • Go Paperless

    No binders or clipboards. Get project dashboards, real time reports and instant documentation.

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  • Real Time Data

    Software and work processes that integrate every field activity with enterprise systems. Stop executing on spreadsheets!

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Plan and schedule your work tasks for your crew.  Make sure you get the right work to the right person at the right time.  Stop planning on spreadsheets!

Execute your work tasks on tablets with secure mobile field forms. Take photos, get your data, sign off electronically.  Have all your reference procedures with you at the workface.

PDFs are automatically created for every task you complete, with a full audit trail of the field data you collected.

Access your project’s reports from anywhere, at any time.  Customized reports give you deep insight into your business.

Field Data Collection for Capital Projects

We connect people in the field with the right information at the right time for construction and maintenance capital projects.  We support off-the-shelf tablets and smartphones for field data collection and common web browsers for access to project dashboards, reports and documentation.

Real Time Visibility


Procedural Adherence


Eliminate Errors


Bulletproof Audit Trail


The Workface Efficiency® Results

Workface Efficiency® platform users experience double digit increases in wrench time productivity through less rework, better quality, continuous in-hand procedures, and immediate creation of documents for permanent record.

Clients reduce their project risk and improve worker productivity throughout planning and execution on construction and maintenance projects by using mobile tablets and Industrial Audit’s secure software for mobile field data collection and real time reporting.  We implement industry best practices, processes and continuous in-hand procedures on the Workface Efficiency® platform to deliver real results.

Implementing Workface Efficiency® results in reduced risk through real-time issue identification, assessment and mitigation; increased wrench time through real-time reporting of crew progress, delays and changes; and improved procedural adherence through gated workflow logic that ensures the right tasks are done in the right order.  Industrial Audit focuses on continually finding ways to help our clients stay on time and on budget by standardizing and optimizing their field data collection, project reporting, and integration with enterprise systems.

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