Mobile Work Management:  Risk Mitigation and Improved Predictability in Work Package Execution – The Way of The Future

A team whitepaper by:

            • Heather Roth of Babcock and Wilcox Canada

Risk mitigation and improved predictability during work package execution in the field are key objectives for consistent delivery of work scope safely, with high quality, on time and on budget. While the adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in construction, maintenance and operations environments has traditionally been low, the recent rapid evolution of tablet-based technologies and software solutions designed to support highly regulated capital project work has led to an emerging trend of Owner/Operators, EPCs and Contractors evaluating and implementing mobile work management systems to support planning, execution, documentation and reporting of work packages.

As ICT becomes more prevalent on job sites, new software platforms are emerging to support work package planning and execution on tablets in the field in the form of Mobile Work Management systems.  Successfully implemented work management systems integrated to support and enhance existing IT systems can have a significant impact on risk mitigation of safety issues in the field, reduce risk of re-work and allow greater predictability of scope delivery by mitigating the risk associated with unplanned field issues during execution.  This is leading to a growing trend of Owner/Operators, EPCs and Contractors evaluating ICT as a strategy and competitive advantage for construction planning and execution.

This paper will address the following topics:

            • What are the current industry approaches to risk management and mitigation in construction execution?
            • How can mobile work management systems impact risk mitigation and predictability?
            • What lessons have been learned from real-world experiences implementing work management systems?

Lessons learned for implementation success will be shared based on real-world experiences across several recent nuclear projects.

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